Friday, July 9, 2010

Big Plans

Our school is undergoing a major construction project and I've been fortunate to witness the progress on my visits into our school's library.  Fortunately the library is still air conditioned!  I've been in the process of organizing and moving in my (considerable) stuff.  Hopefully I've got the "right stuff" for the job.  I've also been busy going through back issues of "School Library Journal" and "Library Sparks" to spark my imagination in planning for some fabulous lessons to engage students and keep the enthusiasm strong as we enter a new school year.  I'm excited to welcome 4th and 5th graders into our school for the first time in my career at Pine Road, though I've taught this group way back when they were in 1st grade.  I'm looking forward to my new position as a specials or "encore" teacher and the opportunity to see all the students in the school and see them grow and change throughout their six years of elementary school.  Hopefully I can help to support their growth in reading and technology as well as actively integrating all the curricular areas.  Like the title of this post indicates, I have big plans.  I've been over to HV's public library to meet with the new interim children's librarian to work on setting up a back to school read aloud.  Since I just can't wait for the first day, this will give me an opportunity to start a little early.  This also opens the door for communication and collaboration between the school and public library.  I've been up to visit an independent book store to possibly supplement our book fairs at school through Scholastic and I've begun to brainstorm effective ways to reach out to collaborate with teachers and encourage their input for selection of new materials for the LMC.  I have ideas for classroom management in the LMC and strategies to keep things running smoothly.  I have plans to incorporate more storytelling features, i.e. felt board, magnet stories, puppets, and more.  Using Library Sparks' Guide to the Twitterverse, I quickly populated my twitter feeds to follow many authors and other applicable tweets.  Similarly, I've utilized their webliographies to investigate suggested sites to populate my account.  I've signed up for several of the IU and SD's workshops subsidized by a grant to learn more about technology tools that I'm not as familiar with: Moodle, Safari Montage, and others.  And, as is always the case with technology, the more things change...the more they change, so I went to a workshop on a topic I thought I was fairly well versed in and learned a ton!  Being out on maternity leave for one year can really leave you in the dust!  More on Smart Notebook 10 to come in a future post.  For each of these workshops and topics, I'll post a lil' something.  Looking forward to jumping in feet first to the school library blogosphere.  I'm here to make a splash!


  1. I didn't know Donalyn had made that list! I am honoured to be on it. Thanks for sharing your plans and I look forward to reading more of your passion for literature and learning!

  2. I have just started a blog as well. I am in middle school, but maybe we can still share ideas. Good luck this year. Look forward to hearing about it.