Saturday, January 1, 2011

Reading (and Writing) Resolutions

I wrote a little about one of my resolutions over at my personal blog, Reflections. I also have quite a bit of catching up to do here as well. I have been neglecting this extraordinary opportunity to reflect on my professional practice and share with other school librarians about the lessons I am teaching and the lessons I've learned in the school library. If you aren't able to follow the link to the other post, let me sum up that I'll be blogging from my iPhone and posts may not include all the elements I would love to see, but if ever there is time one day, I can always add pictures, links, videos, etc. Also, the autocorrect function may, at times, hinder my ability to express thought, but I'll do my best!

Yesterday, as we anticipated a new year, I had my 100th follower on twitter. Since I have been fortunate enough to have won a few book giveaways for the library, I thought I'd do my karmic duty and host one myself. So, from now through 1/10 (when ALA will announce this year's Newbery winners) I am hosting a Twitter giveaway of Ingrid Law's books - the Newbery honor book, "Savvy" and it's sequel, "Scumble" which I just finished reading the other day. To enter, you can follow me @ontheshelf4kids on twitter and retweet a contest tweet and reply with your reading resolution or comment with your reading resolution below.

Happy reading in 2011!

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