Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Tech Tip (Pine Road Edition): My Learning Plan Notifications

If you aren't getting notifications from My Learning Plan to let you know when new workshops are being offered or when you have one coming up, you should check your settings to do so.  It's as easy as 3 clicks.  Once you are signed on to MLP, click on My User Profile under Account Settings on the far left side near the bottom of the page.  Under email notifications, select Yes for New Activity Notification.  Select Yes for Upcoming Activities Reminder and set it to a reasonable number of days in advance.  For example, when mine was first set up, it was for 14 days.  So EVERY DAY for 2 weeks prior to an upcoming workshop, I would get a reminder.  For me, that wasn't necessary.  I've reset mine to 3 days which is enough of a reminder period to jog my memory if I didn't have the event already in my calendar.  Be certain that the email associated to your MLP settings is accurate and don't forget to SAVE changes at the bottom of the screen.

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