Friday, June 15, 2012

Teacher Tech Tip...and it does happen to be Friday

Well, school's out, but I've gotten this question on multiple occasions and since you all will be accessing email from home (or not, which is also ok in the summer :) I thought I'd make things a little easier on the eyes.  Over spring break, we switched to the Microsoft Outlook Email Web App.  Which sounds lovely.  But some of the changes were a little abrupt.  Here are the two nagging issues I've heard about most often.  If you have more, post them in the comments and I'll see if I can figure 'em out.

How do I change so that my messages are not in conversation view?

1) Click on the down arrow next to arrange by date.
2) Uncheck the box next to conversation.

That is all.

How do I make it so that deleted items are deleted and not crossed out?

1) Click on options
2) Click on See All Options
3) Click on Settings
4) Check the box next to hide deleted items
5) (Also, if you are not in conversation mode, I don’t think these will show up)

Sorry there are no fancy screen shots or step by step videos but...have a great SUMMER!!!

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