Monday, September 15, 2014


Frank! is the US debut book from Aussie author, Connah Brecon.  Frank is always late, and always has an excuse.  In this about face to "the boy who cried wolf tale," Connah Brecon does a brilliant job of illustrating and bringing to life each of the outlandish (but true!) scenarios that Frank encounters as he TRIES to get to school on time, but ultimately fails again and again and again.

This book will not fail to entertain readers and spark some imaginative new excuses for Frank.

Some notable illustrations include a spread featuring not one, but 3 watch shops (on "time square") and a school bus just pulling away.

The one with the tree "leaving"...get it?!

And what I can only imagine (dare I say hope) is a sneak peek of Frank!'s sequel.

Yes, please.

ISBN: 978-0-7624-5423-5
Published 2014 by Running Press Kids
I received an advance copy of Frank from the publisher to read and review.
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