Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Reading...In Progress

This year, at Pine Road, we are trying something different in regards to Summer Reading. We are Reading for the World Record. As of today, our school has recorded over 15,000 minutes toward our reading goal. Students are able to choose freely to read any book,or other reading material that they choose. There are lists available on our Summer Reading Page on the left hand side under Suggested Book Lists, including one created entirely by the students for the students.

I used a google docs form to enable students to submit their own suggestions and checked over the submissions. I edited students' names so that last names were kept private, but otherwise left there grammar and punctuation. Next year, I may do this with grades 3-5 instead of including 2nd because some of the younger students had difficulty with the form. I may brainstorm a different way for younger students to make peer recommendations but in order to effectively do so, I need to begin the process even earlier. The last day of school really snuck up on me. Teaching on a six day cycle with assemblies and other special events sprinkled through the last few weeks of school made it difficult to calculate the last cycle where I saw everyone before the end of the year. I will plan better for this next year.

Back to summer reading.

I love to read, and I hope to instill this same love for the children I teach. This summer, students are encouraged to read, read, and read some more. And that's it. (Well, that's not exactly it. I also expect them to play, swim, catch fireflies, eat s'mores, and generally have a great time.). But, as far as summer reading is concerned: no project. Suffice it to say, the kids were ok with this plan. And, if there were any dissenters, there are still project options on the webpage too. I'd like to add more options in the future for reader response in general, with more of an emphasis on book reviews. I'd like to use these options to help teachers throughout the school differentiate the way students respond to reading in the classroom. I'd also like to make this a space for teachers to share all the great things they are doing with students in this area throughout the school. Teachers have such great ideas and opportunities to share with one another are few and far between, so I'd love to facilitate a website that would enable teachers to share these ideas with each other.

Throughout this post, I've gotten a smudge side-tracked, but only because I am SO excited about what the future holds for our school library.

Back to summer reading...again.

This summer, I've read Tne Strange Case of Origami Yoda (excellent, and I made my own Yoda finger puppet), The Maze of Bones (also excellent - I will post more on this soon), and I'm just about to finish Schooled by Gordon Korman (and not to give away too much, but I will post on this and the extraordinary power of the student recommendation!). Up next on Audiobook is Dragonsdale, and in print is Room One by Andrew Clements. On the Nook, which I just got yesterday and will get a post all to itself, will be something from the public library once I get it all connected and registered and what not.

Second graders finished the year with a read aloud of The Incredible Book Eating Boy, and like its main character, I hope to devour quite a few books this year. You can follow my reading shelf at:

Enjoy all your summer reads!

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