Thursday, November 6, 2014


I first listened to “Josephine” on audiobook and then took a gander at the illustrations.  The text as read to me was fabulous but the illustrations truly knocked my socks off.  I think Josephine would like that.  Throughout her early years and out on the road making her own way, Jospehine seems so resilient.  And yet, as she aged and her popularity declined, it seems she was unable to manage what money she had.  Or maybe she was surrounded by people who never advised her to stop spending as if there was no tomorrow.  Regardless of those types of details, the life of Josephine Baker is fascinating.  From her diamond collared leopard to her days spent as a spy during World War II to her brood of 12 children adopted from around the world, Josephine never had a dull moment.  

Author: Patricia Hruby Powell
Illustrator: Christian Robinson
ISBN: 978-1-4521-0314-3
Published 2014 by Chronicle Books

I borrowed this copy from my public library to review.

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