Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Global Read Aloud

Last year, we had hoped to do The Global Read Aloud at my school but couldn't seem to get our hands on the actual books.  We are a big school, so getting the books in the hands of the teachers is no small budget line item.  This year, I applied for a grant (which was denied), then begged, borrowed, and plead, and eventually, we got the books!  Hoping to plan even better for next year, but as we work to get them in our teacher's hands on time (or really close to it) I'm also working on finishing up the books.  I finished Pax today!  I'd already read The BFG and I'm working my way through each of Lauren Castillo's books too.  I can't wait to have discussions with students (and teachers) about these books as they progress through them.  Follow along via the twitter hashtag #GRA2016

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