Monday, August 8, 2011

Allie in Wonderland

About a year late...

I want to thank Meg Cabot for hosting a book giveaway on her facebook page last summer. She asked for stories of a favorite teacher and I shared a story about my fifth grade teacher, Ms. Clark. What I remember most about Ms. Clark was all the odd jobs she held through the summers. As a Catholic school teacher, I'm sure it was out of necessity, but she seemed to enjoy those experiences as well. As a result, I was encouraged to pursue many different passions in life as well.

As a result of sharing my story about Ms. Clark, I won a few different Allie Finkle books for our library. I felt like I had stumbled down an awesome rabbit hole. The Allie Finkle books are hugely popular with our fourth and fifth graders and I enjoyed them just as much.

So, thank you Meg for sharing these books with us!

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