Sunday, August 28, 2011

Skippyjon Jones Heads To School...Just Not Ours

I love SJ. Have since Judith Byron Schachner came to our school for an author visit. Since his debut as a wishful Siamese cat who thinks he is a chichuahua and we had the opportunity to take a peek into the author/illustrator's collection of idea (and it was a super peek!), he has reappeared in 5 other Skippyjon Jones books, 4 of which you can find in our library. The fifth and most recent I checked out of the public library and thoroughly enjoyed, but it wasn't (at least to my knowledge) published in time for my order which was placed in late May for the start of school. I'm hoping I can add it to my Scholastic bonus order. Fingers crossed. Because SJ sure is popular with the kiddos. Welcome to school, Skippyjon Jones in Class Action.

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