Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I am about to embark on my final day of #ISTE2015 and I'm having that feeling where concurrently my brain is full AND I want to do allofthethings.  Right now.  Some things that have been bouncing around my brain since before ISTE and continue to bounce like crazy molecules are:

  • Maker Spaces/Genius Hour/ Breaker Spaces
  • Genius Hour
  • Green Screening (DoInk)
  • Book Trailers/Book Talks Using Green Screen
  • QR Codes Everywhere
  • Signage in the Library
  • PD for Teachers
    • Ted Talks For Teachers
    • Bytes, Books, and Bites
  • Book Clubs for Students
  • Book Clubs for Teachers
  • Google Chrome Extensions and Add Ons
  • Library Like a Pirate
I have attended some awesome sessions, gleaned great ideas at poster sessions and connected with some amazing educators, leaders and teacher-librarians.  Yesterday, at a Birds of a Feather session, I connected with a TL in MD and we are planning to do sessions at our respective state library conferences on sneaking in some teacher PD.  I am so excited for this collaboration across state lines.  Any other TL's want to join us?  Should be fun, plus many hands make light the work.  We can model super-sharing!

Are you at #ISTE2015 or even #NotAtIste?  What is bouncing around your brain?  Ain't summer grand?

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