Saturday, January 21, 2017

Coyote Moon

Coyote Moon’s illustrations are both accurate and jarring.  So much building of homes and communities has taken away the coyote’s more natural habitat.  As a suburbanite myself, I respect any wildlife whom I encounter and moreover, I respect that they were likely there first.  With that said, I find the illustrations fascinating with their power lines and white picket fences among the coyote’s hunt.  The poetic text accompanies the wolf’s hunt beautifully.  Personally, I think the inclusion of where coyote’s live in North America would be helpful.  There are coyote facts which go into greater detail about certain topics and books and websites listed for further reading, but not as a bibliography.

Title: Coyote Moon
Author: Maria Gianferrari
Illustrator: Bagram Ibatoulline 
Published 2016 by Roaring Brook Press
ISBN: 978-1-62672041-1

This copy was received from the publisher for purpose of review.

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