Thursday, September 8, 2011

Book, Book, Book

In the book, "Book, Book, Book" by Deborah Bruss, the farm animals find themselves bored when the children return to the school in the fall and find their way to the library. Each animal goes into the library to ask the librarian for help, but only one communicates successfully. I think this is a great book to use to introduce kindergarten students to the school library. We see the librarian at the circulation desk, engaged in story time, shelving books, and helping patrons. We can also notice that the books are arranged in alphabetical order. I also use this book to introduce a few things. When I meet students at the door, I tell them there will be a duck in our story, and that we are going to practice walking like ducklings. How do ducks walk? Do they all walk in different directions or in a line? So, we walk in a line to the story tower and talk about our favorite animals and some of the animals we predict will be in the story. Following this story, I also introduce a procedure for our tables. Each table has a picture of a different farm animal. I have cards with matching pictures and distribute them to students. This is how students find their tables. In the beginning of the year, I call one table at a time to find books and check out. One table at a time is called to line up as well. I could sing "Old MacDonald Had A Farm," but instead I sing "Mrs. Zschunke Had A Library" using the animals to call each table, which works on listening skills while reinforcing a familiar tune and ties into our theme as well. Throughout the year, as we change our focus from library procedures to nursery rhymes and familiar folk tales in kindergarten, the pictures and table assignments change to correspond. Hopefully other school librarians can find these ideas helpful in their library. It is important for our youngest students to have consistent routines to rely on when they come to the school library in order to have a positive experience and meet the school librarian's behavior expectations as well.


  1. Thank you so much for this post! I want to get beyond taking care of a book, and library books with my kindergarteners! :) Angie

  2. I hope you can apply it in your library too! I love having a system to ease transition times in the library! Good luck!

  3. Love this post! Thank you! I love your line up song!