Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Friday (Wednesday) Tech Tip for Teachers

Since we have a long weekend (wahoo) and don't have school on Thursday or Friday, I thought I'd post my tech tip today.  Today's tech tip will point you in the direction of an image creation site I default to often.  Big Huge Labs has many different photo editing options including, but not limited to:
  • Magazine Cover Creation
    • Create your very own magazine to feature:
      • a famous person for a biography assignment
      • a current events topic
      • an animal research assignment
      • just about anything...
  • Movie Poster
    • Fourth graders created movie posters last year to "advertise" our author visit with Debbie Dadey.
  • Captioner
    • Want to add speech or thought bubbles to a picture?  The captioner will let you do just that.
    • Students can create a cartoon speech bubble to show character's conversation from a book
    • Dialogue between two famous individuals from history
  • Billboard
    • Ever wanted to convey a BIG idea?  Why not do so on a billboard?
  • Framer
    • Put a fun frame around your photo.
  • Trading Cards
    • Again, great for a biography to sum up the traits of a character.
  • Badge Maker
    • If you need an official "press pass", this is the place to put it together.  Fun for students as part of a news team or any nametag-worthy event.
  • And others that are just plain fun!
Check out Big Huge Labs today!

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