Monday, September 26, 2011

Book Talk: The World According to Humphrey

I finished reading "The World According to Humphrey" and enjoyed the perspective it offered.  The story is told...according to Humphrey, the class hamster of Room 26.  The book shows growth of the characters and the joy that a class pet and the act of bringing that pet home can bring.  Humphrey touched the lives of those around him in ways they may never know.  As a teacher, it also makes us think about all the many things happening in our students' or co-workers' lives that have an impact on their daily actions that we do not know about, good...and bad.  I'm excited to introduce this book to students.  In reading it, I discovered that we have several of the Humphrey books, but not all of them, so that will be remedied soon.  I also put it on display by my desk as a "book I'm reading now" and a classroom aide mentioned that the book is a "One School, One Book" selection.  Which got the wheels turning in my head (get it?  like a hamster wheel...).  I don't think we're quite ready for a program like this at Pine Road, but perhaps this book could be a Nook Book Club selection and we could skype with students from this neighboring school.  So, I have to get on that...but, in the meantime, check out Humphrey and his world.

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