Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Tech Tip for Teachers (Pine Road Edition): Curation

I've been hearing a lot about curation lately.  And I've been trying to wrap my brain around that.  I think it's essentially a way of discussing something we have long been doing as teachers.  Collecting the best resources for our students (and for ourselves!)  One of the ways we curate information is on social bookmarking sites like DIIGO and Delicious, but another way is by making lists of links on our school websites.  I've been meaning to organize my many, many lists of links, but in the meantime, here are some to get you started.  If you don't have pages on your own website with such links, you can always link to another teacher, our technology teacher, or to the library with some great information already collected.

On our Pine Road Library website, students find helpful (and fun) websites by clicking on Charlotte's Web(sites) and from there, there are a multitude of resources and game sites.

Here are some examples of curated go to website lists.

Awesome Authors (an example of a page that will definitely continue to grow!)
Reliable Resources (this is also an example of a page I'd like to further organize...)

Each classroom teacher may have a different set of needs depending on the grade level and subjects they teach.  The more we prepare these lists, the easier it is to point students in the "right" direction to appropriate resources that we have previewed and explored.

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