Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Tech Tip (Murray Ave Edition): Changing the color of an Edmodo group.

This past Tuesday, many of us (at Murray) started using Edmodo for the first time, and were excited to begin to realize its ease of use and practical applicability to 21st century skills, like working collaboratively and using information, communications & technology to name a few. (
However, by the end of the 'intro to edmodo' sessions, there were a bunch of little unanswered questions. 
One was how to change the color assigned to a group (they all come in as blue by default).  Color coding can make groups easier to organize visually, and make your calendar view much friendlier. 
Changing the color is a snap.  Here’s how:
1.       In Edmodo, find the group you want to change in the group list on the left.
2.       Click the small blue square to the left of group name.  A color picker pops up.
3.       Pick and click your new color.
4.       Voila!  New color.
If you have other Edmodo questions or issues, let me know and I’ll try to address them in future Friday Tech Tips!

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