Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bring on the Book Talk: Darth Paper Strikes Back

So, I don't recall if I blogged about "The Strange Case of Origami Yoda" by Tom Angleberger after I read it last summer or not. I'm sure I could look back at previous posts and figure that out but I'm now on a mobile app version of blogger and that's a bit, ahem, cumbersome. I'm just happy to be squeezing in blogging at all. So I made it to this point in the year with both O.Y. (short for "The Strange Case of Origami Yoda" and how I will refer to it from here on out, as I noted #Nerdbery tweeter, Colby Sharp, does as well) and D.P. Being constantly checked out and even wait-listed. As spring break was approaching, I noted that both were on the shelve and decided that problem must be rectified. I did successfully book talk them both out of the library, but I held on to a copy of D.P. to read myself...since it was available. Awesome read! I really enjoyed the clever response from Dwight when asked for a "straight answer," he responded: "yardstick.". Perhaps even more exciting is that while reuniting with the twitter-verse, I noted that Tom Angleberger's new profile pic was a new book: "The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee", coming out in late August. I cannot wait and I know the readers of Pine Road Library can't wait either. Like its predecessors, Wookiee will be a hit. And base on the cover design, I think there's definitely a market for specially designed origami paper to create fortune tellers. Looks even easier than O.Y. and D.P., so, Tom, if you're reading this, I'm certain I have some kids here who would be happy to fold away on said paper.

And, if you haven't seen these books yet, by all means begin at the beginning. They are funny, original, and entertaining. I haven't met a kid yet who walked away from an O.Y. book. Enjoy!

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