Sunday, April 8, 2012

Student Nook Book Club: Dead End in Norvelt

Student Nook Book Club met yesterday to discuss our most recent read, "Dead End in Norvelt" by Jack Gantos. What a great book! When I first started reading and got to the description of Norvelt, I recalled that this was based on Gantos' real childhood. When Miss Volker first mentioned Eleanor Roosevelt, i had an inkling as to the town's name and I looked up the town of Norvelt online. I love reading historical fiction and learning at the same time. With Miss Volker's "This Day in History" column, her obituaries, and Jack's fondness of reading history made for a diverse, educational, entertaining, and "real" read.

Beyond that, Nook Book Club broke into the world of Edmodo today. While I encourage discussion, there's something to be said for the online format in that everyone's voice can be heard. Ideas can be shared and a common space is found. I am hoping to incorporate Edmodo into summer reading this year and look at a more complete roll out next year for our older grades. Teacher Nook Book Club will also have an Edmodo group to discuss our next read.

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