Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Follow the Drinking Gourd

Follow the Drinking Gourd as retold by Cari Meister and illustrated by Robert Squier

Follow the Drinking Gourd is published by an imprint of Capstone, so it is no surprise that the illustrations have a graphic feel to them.  Though many books for children have been published about the underground railroad and different methods of communicating its route, I had not heard of the "Drinking Gourd" before.  I looked up a video to hear the song, to feel its words and the power, and I can only imagine the captive audience that Peg Leg Joe must have had each night.  I wish we knew more about his story, besides his heroic journey to tell the slaves of a way North to freedom.  Meister does an excellent job of interspersing lyrics from the song within the text to bring authenticity to the story.  The inclusion of a glossary, additional reading, and additional websites for students will keep children learning more about this fascinating topic.

Follow the Drinking Gourd
ISBN: 978-1-4048-7375-9
Published 2012 by Picture Window Books
I received this copy from the publisher to review for the CYBILS.
I plan to add this review copy to our school library collection.

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