Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Tech Tip: Smithsonian Education

I recently received a mailer from Smithsonian about their lessons, art, and digital resources available for teachers to teach about mythology.  Available here:

And I thought to myself, well this must be a cost based program.  Then I thought to myself, but none of the Smithsonian museums charge entry.  Lo and behold Smithsonian Education's offerings are FREE, FREE, FREE (one of my favorite words in technology).  And, the offerings are not limited to mythology, a topic that greatly interests many of my K-5 students, but isn't strictly a part of our curriculum.

Here are some examples (just a few) of topics that DO integrate quite well with our curriculum:

And, for students, there are Smithsonian Students  and Smithsonian Kids  both with some great activities.  I added both of these to my curation lists.  For more "reliable resources" for students, check out the Pine Road Library website.  

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