Monday, March 27, 2017


The texture of the cover, both the raised, smooth drops of rain and the glossy, “wet” title itself are indicative of the beautiful representation of rain within.  As Granddad says, “…the very best things are always worth waiting for.”  Throughout the first half, it seems Granddad is just postponing having to get wet, but as the waters rise…and rise, and he relents that the rain has stopped so it is time to go, we learn that he was perhaps waiting for something more as it was “time for an adventure at last.”  The adventure of delivering a letter is reminiscent of a Dr. Seuss-esqu escapade.  In other words, that escalated quickly.  Like the main character, you’ll be hoping it rains again tomorrow too.  I’m excited to check out Sam Usher’s “Snow” soon too.  Though, after our mid-March blizzard, I’ve had just about enough of that and I’m ready for Spring!

Title: Rain
Author: Sam Usher
Published 2016 by Templar Books

ISBN: 978-0-7636-9296-4

This copy was received from the publisher for purposes of review.

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