Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Wild Animals of the North

The size of this book alone will be a huge draw to young readers eager to gobble up animal facts.  Dieter Braun’s illustrations are captivating and the way animals are grouped is helpful for kids to learn the animal’s habitats.  I like that there was an index included to reference back to the individual animals but it is in page order instead of being in alphabetical order by the animal’s names.  The lack of a bibliography or other sources is disappointing.  I’m excited that this looks to be the start of a series (or at least a pair of books) with Wild Animals of the South being advertised coming soon.  

Title: Wild Animals of the North
Author and Illustrator: Dieter Braun
Published 2016 by Flying Eye Books
ISBN: 978-1-909263-96-3

This copy was received from the publisher for review.

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