Saturday, October 8, 2011

Catalog Review

Fourth graders learned about the Dewey Decimal System and Genre last year, but we neglected to take a close look at our electronic catalog.  This year, we have been reviewing how to get the most out of the catalog.  Students learned the different types of searches, keyword, subject, author, and title; as well as the visual search, and (my favorite) Destiny Quest.  As a Follett Destiny library, our catalog is automated, electronic, and available 24/7 anywhere that has internet.  Our catalog can be accessed at home or anywhere at school.  Students and teachers can log on to the catalog and click on My Info to access information about items they have checked out or items they have put on hold.  Reading the catalog results is an acquired skill for students, so we completed a Library Catalog Review Tic-Tac-Toe with different questions that students needed to use the catalog to complete.  Being able to efficiently and effectively utilize the catalog and search the shelves will make this group better equipped to use the library and the resources we have to offer.

Pine Road Library Catalog
Link from our Library Website
Destiny Quest Interface

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