Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fourth Grade Choice Projects and Student Blogging

Fourth Graders began choice projects that they will have approximately a month and a half (but when you only come to the library once every six days, that's not a whole lot of time!) to complete during library classes.  The options available made it so that each student could find a project that would suit their talents or interests.  I also opened it up to facilitate student creativity.  If there was nothing on the list they liked, they could propose their own alternative to be added to the list!  Check out our options here.  One of the options, blogging, is our first entry into use of Kidblog in the library.  I like this option for beginning students in the experience of blogging as it offers a completely closed environment.  The students who opt for this choice will be able to read and comment on each other's entries, but they won't be public to the world...yet.  Two third grade teachers were the first to utilize this platform for blogging and writing with their students and will be presenting to fellow teacher in a workshop this winter.  Thanks for your tech pioneering!

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