Thursday, October 6, 2011

Friday Tech Tip: Turning off Email Alerts in Outlook

On The Shelf 4 Kids has graciously agreed to archive the Friday Tech Tips from Murray Avenue... and this is the first!  Enjoy!

It happens to all of us.

We're in there, doing it, teaching our lesson, when suddenly the lesson is interrupted by a computer chime and a little message in the corner of the smartboard showing everyone in class a summary of the email you just received.  Disruptive and annoying at best.  A violation of privacy at worst.

If you don't want them, turn 'em off!

It's different in Outlook 2010 than in the old Outlook.  Here's how:

  1. In Outlook, click on the orange 'File' tab in the upper left hand corner.
  2. Once you are there, select 'Options' from the list on the left.
  3. In the options window that pops up, choose 'Mail'.
  4. On this page, under 'Message Arrival', do the following:
    1. Uncheck 'Play a sound'
    2. Uncheck 'Display a desktop alert'
      (By leaving 'Show and envelope icon in the taskbar', you can still be alerted when you have new mail, but it isn't disruptive to your lesson flow.)
  5. Click OK and you are all set!

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