Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Teacher Nook Book Club - The Graveyard Book

Our first teacher Nook book club is about to begin!  We purchased our first set of six e-readers this past summer with the intent to utilize them for teacher and student book clubs throughout the school year.  Right now, we will operate on an every other month basis with teachers and students.  The first book teachers will be reading is "The Graveyard Book" by Neil Gaiman.  Our book club is centered around Newbery Award Winners and Honor books and "The Graveyard Book" is one that I haven't read yet, but have been looking to read.  I'm also interested to get teacher feedback to see if this is a book that should be added to our library shelves in a K-5 setting.  I thought the title would be timely for the month of October, leading up to Halloween.  This book club also offers the educators in our school the opportunity to utilize the Nooks without committing to them personally to see if they are a tool they might be able to use in the classroom, or for more personal reading.  I've found the Nook to be very user friendly and I hope that the teachers find the same.  As a school librarians, I was able to password protect the purchasing feature and added gift cards to the account to utilize them for purchase of books rather than my personal credit card (which is also linked to the account).  I am able to archive books so that students will only see the books for their book club in the library when the time comes to switch them over from teacher use to student use.  Teachers will be blogging about their experience as part of this book club, so, be on the lookout for links to their reflections on both the book and the e-reader experience.

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