Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Tech Tip for Teachers (Pine Road Edition) Social Bookmarking

Tired of backing up your favorites on your school computer every time the machines are re-imaged?  Or worse, losing all those valuable links?  Or worse still, giving up on the idea of saving valuable web links at all?  Social Bookmarking is just the thing for you.  If you would love to access all your bookmarks at home or school (or anywhere you get web access, which anymore is anywhere), then a social bookmarking site is the answer.  There are two options I'll write about today. 

Before I do so, let me preface this information with some background.  I was first introduced to Social Bookmarking and thought it was silly, unneccessary, and not for me.  As I did with twitter.  I knew the websites I visitied and had no need to "share" them with the world.  I was thinking about this all wrong.  I can have websites I visit to check my bank account balance, credit card balance, etc.  and not share those.  But, when it comes to a professional capacity, I can share my "discoveries" and save them for later reference by using a Social Bookmarking service...for free!

Diigo is my favorite, but not my first. 

Diigo V5: Collect and Highlight, Then Remember! from diigobuzz on Vimeo.

My first social bookmarking tool was Delicious, formerly and featured in the Common Craft video for Social Bookmarking.

You can use either Social Bookmarking tool to do the same job.  Right now, I prefer Diigo, but that is also because it was predicted that Delicious was on the way out.  While it is under new management and I know some people who lost their bookmarks as a result, according to Joyce V, the reports of its death were greatly exaggerated.

I also like the groups feature in Diigo and have one started but I thought I'd let you all dip your toes in before we start formally sharing...but it's coming.

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