Friday, December 23, 2016

If You Are a Kaka, You Eat Doo Doo and Other Poop Tales from Nature

So, what I’ve learned recently (and maybe always knew) was that kids love to read about poop.  I think what they really, really like is hearing their school librarian say the word “poop” and so, I do.  The other day, a student typed poop into the library catalog, much the same way we all looked up choice words in the dictionary once upon a time.  And he (for it was a he) was shocked.  SHOCKED.  Shocked, I tell you to find two results.  And he brought the iPad to me, demanding we find these poop books.  For those intrigued by the poop offerings in our library, they include:

Poopendous!  The Inside Scoop on Every Type and Use of Poop! by Artie Bennett (a former CYBILS nominee)

Rabbits Eat Their Own Poop: And Other Facts About Animals by Jan Payne and Steven Wilder

And they are both still checked out today.  And isn’t that the point really?  They will soon be joined by two of this year’s new titles, including:

If You are a Kaka, You Eat Doo Doo and Other Poop Tales From Nature by Sara Martel

Poop Detectives by Ginger Wadsworth

These books will be in good company and likely will be instant celebrities in our elementary school library.  But I digress.  Is it any good?  Yes, of course!  I’m taking the time to write a blog post, aren’t I?!

For starters, the cover features a hand holding a magnifying glass which reveals a close up picture showing flies and other critters that like to help poop decompose.

Interested in the title?  A kaka is a type of bird and the doo-doo they are eating is really honeydew, the poo of scale insects.

There are a great number of fun facts about a variety of animals and their behaviors as they relate to poo.  The only drawback to this book is the absence of sources.  The author, Sara Martel, does appear to be an expert in her field.  And yet, the inclusion of sources helps to support the credibility of the factoids she included in the text.

Title: If You are a Kaka, You Eat Doo Doo and Other Poop Tales from Nature
Author: Sara Martel
Illustrator: Sara Lynn Cramb
Published 2016 by Tillbury House Publishers
ISBN: 9780884484882

This copy was received from the publisher for purpose of review.

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