Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Seven and a Half Tons of Steel

Thomas Gonzalez’s artwork in Seven and a Half Tons of Steel is gorgeous but I especially love his skyscapes, and specifically the endpaper at the back with the statue of liberty’s raised hand against a sunset of the New York City skyline.  This spread most reminded me of his beautiful work in 14 Cows for America.  Janet Nolan weaves a beautiful story of the steel beam taken from the fallen World Trade Center and forged into the bow of the USS New York.  The fact that the building took place in New Orleans and work was stalled due to Hurricane Katrina, but not stopped, is a testament to the workers tenacity to get the job done.  The USS New York’s crest’s symbolism is detailed in the notes at the back of the book and the remarkable combination of details made me want to learn more about the crests of other ships on our Navy’s fleet.

Title: Seven and a Half Tons of Steel
Author: Janet Nolan
Illustrator: Thomas Gonzalez
Published 2016 by Peachtree
ISBN: 978-1-56145-912-4

This copy was received from the publisher to review.

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