Thursday, December 29, 2016

Plants Can’t Sit Still

I love Mia Posada’s illustrations of the many movements of plants.  The endpapers show the life cycle of a dandelion from start to finish to start again with seeds floating down to the ground.  Reading from a teacher’s perspective, this book would be PERFECT for introducing or highlighting active verbs.  The text of the action words are even highlighted with different colored text.  Pair that objective with a study of seeds and this text hits a number of different targets.  I’d love to read this and explore plant motion in nature or watch (or even better, create!) videos using time lapse technology to show the motion sped up.

The fact that Rebecca Hirsch lives in State College makes me think she might be a future author to invite for a visit at our school!

Title: Plants Can’t Sit Still
Author: Rebecca E. Hirsch
Illustrator: Mia Posado
Published 2016 by Hillbrook Press
ISBN: 9781467780315

This copy was borrowed from the public library for purpose of review.

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