Saturday, December 24, 2016

Insects as Producers

I think cochineal dye was what really sparked me to want to write about this book.  The book itself lays out good information in a digestible (no pun intended) way.  I have seen cochineal extract listed as an ingredient and assumed it was a plant extract.  My mistake!  The cochineal is an insect and you find its extract/dye in such products as lipstick, yogurt, candy, ice cream, and other beverages.  So, to sum that one up, enjoy smearing crushed bugs on your lips when you apply your shocking red lipstick.  You learn something new everyday!

Likewise, I would not have guessed that shellac and other resins come from the lac insect and I DEFINITELY wouldn’t have guessed that it makes up the shiny candy coating on many a shiny coated candy.

A bibliography or other denoting of sources would be helpful for readers wanting to learn more.  Three websites are listed, but not necessarily as the sources used for information for the book’s text.

Title: Insects as Producers
Author: Annette Whipple
Published 2017 by Rourke Educational Media
ISBN: 978-1-68191-697-2

This copy was received from the publisher for purpose of review.

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