Saturday, December 17, 2016

Let Your Voice Be Heard: The Life and Times of Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger’s childhood influences included his parents, namely his father and his eye opening experience in California and motivation to help migrant workers access basic rights and sanitary working and living conditions and his family’s travels through Appalachia with the goal to expose the people there to classical music.  Instead, as is often the case, the Seeger’s, notably Pete, was influenced by the folk music he heard while they travelled.

Anita Silvey weaves a story together highlighting many high and low points in Pete’s life, all of them instrumental in marking the path he walked in life and the legacy he left for music lovers and fighters for justice.  Her table of contents defines moments in Pete’s life.

Anita Silvey includes an extensive Bibliography as well as source notes indicating where each quote originated.  

Title: Let Your Voice Be Heard: The Life and Times of Pete Seeger
Author: Anita Silvey
Published 2016 by Clarion Books
ISBN: 978-0-547-33012-9

This copy was received from the publisher to review.

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